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Writer: Yuriy Grigoryants

Yuriy Grigoryants (08/22/1957 - still waiting)


Immigrated from Russia in 1998. Lived almost 11 years in New York, moved to San Antonio in 2009. Was writing poetry, songs, performing on stage in Russia. In 2010 started to write in English, and to his surprise found quite warm reception from people of San Antonio. Regularly attends open mic events. Was also reading poems at local radio stations. Return to poetry was quite therapeutic, and challenging, as English is not his native language. But the revived passion for writing, spoken word and acting made this "crossover" happen. And he is on his way to become full time writer/spoken word artist, etc.

Recently Yuriy was part of the show conducted by the sculptor, Hebron Chism. This show was blending two "tools" together, brush and pen, in other words artists and poets, that's why the name of the show is "When two tribes meet". (

His first book of poetry and short stories is to be released on and as a Kindle version in October 2012. The mixture of English language and Oriental spirit and cultural background create an interesting effect, plus sincerity which is undeniable.


I like this man's poetry. It's very sincere, and tells a story... I am an artist. I like thought provoking poetry, poetry that creates images in my mind. That's why I made this wooden base-relief, which you see on the back cover of this book. It was inspired by his poem "Armenian Legend"

It's his first book. He broke a barrier, and challenged himself on the unfamiliar field of a foreign language, English. I hope he will not turn away from his destiny: being an inspirational writer.

Hebron Chism, sculptor, artist. October 8, 2012.