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Mario A. Herrera [el poeta] is a native of San Antonio, Texas. He and his wife, Rosita, live in the same (Alta Vista) neighborhood where he was born. His three academic [BA BA MA] degrees were earned in his native city.

For more than 28 year Herrera was an academic scholar/presenter. His main discipline [topics, subject material, presentations] has been Spanish American writers; ((modernism 1888-1910)); and visual Arts.

Herrera has written more than 1500 Spanish poems, 175 short stories and several essays. His literary works plus his three University diplomas are housed at the UT/Arlington Library Special Collections Division. Future generations will read his legacy to the Society of Fine Arts. Herrera is a poet/short story writer/photographer/traveler.

He translates a language as well as a culture. Herrera and his wife are active members at the Commander's House Senior Center.
(San Antonio's Bugle Call, Commander's House newsletter page 7 sept/Oct 09 edition.)

Poet's Family:
Parents: Both were high school drop-outs. They weren't grandparents on earth & were called Tio [uncle] Gene; Tia [aunt] Celia by nieces and nephews.
Celia Cuellar [1922-1965] died at age 43 was a businesswoman.

"Sally" nicknamed by Jewish merchants, was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Naturalized US citizen Genovevo Vera Herrera [920-1073] died at age 54 was born in Laredo, Texas U.S.A.
[Radio Announcer, Public Speaker, Orator, Passionate Spanish Poetry reader.]

Spouse: Rosita Martinez Herrera BA MS; born Nov, 16, 1946 in Brownsville, Texas.
Son: Mario-Antonio Cuellar Herrera BA MA born: May 17, 1981 in Glendale, California

Education: Institutions/Schools in San Antonio, Texas

Holy Cross High School 1962 [second graduating class in School's history]
San Antonio College 1965 AA Major: Fine Arts Speech/Drama
St Mary's University 1973 BA Major: Spanish; Minor Speech & Drama
Trinity University 1976 BA Major: Journalism/Broadcasting/Film Communications
UIW 1988 MA Multi Disciplinary Studies in Communications.
LITERARY Legacy housed at U/T Arlington Library Special Collections Divisions
Future generations will read his legacy to the Society of Fine Arts.

[Herrera paid ONLY $500.00 for Master's Degree (2-year program) [1986-1988]; second B.A. & Master's degrees were sponsored by San Antonio television stations where he was employed. El poeta never earned any funds from his literary works.]

For 28 years Herrera worked as a part-time teacher in San Antonio. He is certified [1995] as a Vocational Instructor in Advertising Design, Media & Photography.

Early LITERARY Years: Herrera used three pen names

Antonio Vera Cuellar 1965-1971 (writer & photographer)
M De Antonio (1971-1974) (Spanish short story writer/essayist)
Mario A. Herrera [1974-prsent] (Academic Presenter, Lecturer on Spanish American Photographer, Writer, Traveler, SHORT STORY WRITER, and poet.)
Signature: siempre el poeta Mud; ALWAYS, the poet, MUD. [Since 1970]


Topics & Themes:
Love, Romance, Death and Human Suffering

Patriotic Poem:
Todos al Repliegue: [written 1987]
Everyone on the line; [translated & both versions published 1991]
((Start of the Persian Gulf War 1991))

Master Poem:
Envoltura Vacia: Empty Bundle [Culver City, California 1981]

Favorite Poem:
Triste Y Poetico: Sad and Poetic [Monterrey, Mexico 1990]

Master Short Story:
Mi Antiguo Maestro: My Old Professor [San Antonio, Texas 1776]

Favorite Short Story:
El Angel Nino: The Baby Angel [Quito, Ecuador 1987]

Favorite line from his poem:
Silencio: Por Favor: [Silence Please [Monterrey1980]
"Silence!" said the deceased. "I want to hear the words & eulogies from all those friends/acquaintance I never saw with my own eyes." To be read at poet's memorial.

Swan Song Poem:
The Traveling Poet [2009] to be read at poet's memorial.

A Few of the poet's own famous written quotes:


"Why waste time, when ignorance is instantaneous." 1967 personal log. mud


Knowledge and Wisdom have no age. Some persons die smart & wise. [1980]

"Travel outside your realm; study other cultures; then master ideas on paper." 1990

I ACQUIESCE: "Some president have a propensity to war." [Seguin, Texas] 1991



"I still stand by the U.S.A. unknown dead." Mud [US Wartime January 2010]

Love shelters the beloved. [Sickly wife's bedside February 2010].

Favorite Ancient Quote: "Good soldier dies once. Death he knows once. "Unknown Greek writer.

In the Actor's studio question:

What will you hear when you reach heaven?

El poeta's answer will be: "Father like SON: God has spoken, Christ has read, YOUR biological FATHER [tio Gene, Your hero and best orator/public speaker you have ever met] has finished his beautiful discourse; He has been waiting for you. YOU ARE NEXT. THE STAGE IS YOURS. RECITE YOUR SPANISH POETRY."

Favorite Actors:

Tom Berenger [Last of the Dogmen]
Errol Flynn [Charge of the Light Brigade]
Alan Hale Sr. [30's & 40's character actor]
Mark Harmon [Football star/NCSI Gibbs]
Clive Owen [Inside Man & King Arthur]
Bob Steele [30's & 40's Western Star]
Linda Carter [Miss Universe/Wonder Woman]
Geena Davis (The Long Kiss Goodnight)
Joan Hackett [Support Your Local Sheriff]
Kate Hudson [Alex & Emma: stenographer's role]
Julie Newmar [Model/Cat Woman]
Alicia Witt [Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke]

FACTS & Trivia:

Master of Arts & Letters; Mario A Herrera
Has remarked many times: "I am the Raymond Floyd of my literary generation."
Was treated for early stages of Polio. His mother & grandmothers applied boiling hot towels on his young 4 year-old scarred skinny legs. [1948] seldom wears short pants.
Has Suffered bouts of depression which affected him most of his life.[since 1966]
Has had two heart attacks 2005 & 2010
Earned a living as a Broadcasting audio/video engineer [1960-2005]
Has registered 85%" of his works in the Library of Congress, Office of Copyrights.
Is recognized in certain Society of Fine Arts and Circle of Artists venues (1980-2009)
Wrote 100-poem collection in one month, fifty of those in one week. .May 1989
Improved his grammatical writing weaknesses [June 1990-present]
Traveled to Mexico [1965-2005] Ecuador [1967 & 1968] Central America: Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador [1968]; and
Thirty five US American States [1965-2006] and Italy [1976 & 1992]
Has two memorable places: Mayflower Hill, Waterville, Maine [1997] [home of Colby College] and [1980] San Barbara, California

List of Professional Societies/Organizations Memberships:

International Good Neighbor Council [IGNC] (1985-2007)
[San Antonio IGNC chapter President (1990-1992) & International Director 1997-2005)]

Consejo Internacional de Buena Vecindad [CIBV] (! 985-2007)
[Member council of International Directors' meetings [1997-2005]
((Best IGNC/CIBV compliment: "Mario, tu eres el CIBV; you are IGNC."))

American Popular Culture Association [1988-2007]

Southwest Popular/American Culture Association [1986-2008]

San Antonio Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs [1994-1998]

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) [1987-2006]

Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) [1987-2007]

National association of Broadcasters (NAB) [1979-1987]

National Association of Broadcasting Employees & Technicians ([NABET) [1979-1999]

Artist-in-Residence: Sarah King Elementary School [Spring 1996]

UTSA: Spanish Cultural Annual Contest Juror [1985-1996]

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Vignette # 106 I FOUND DARKNESS..

Written by Mario A. Herrera, poet
Copyright April 28, 2011

I found her, Darkness
hidden in hopeless
chest of darkness;
It's a lonely place,
It's a dark,
hopeless place.
She lay in still darkness.
She lay airless. DARKNESS.
She lay without kindness.
I found her, Darkness
With no real concerns,
With no heart concerns.
From chest of darkness
lonely unfinished works
She requires more energy,
effort and grace to portray.
I found her, Darkness

Siempre el poeta mud No se precisa mas. [Quiroga 1878-1937] Siempre el poeta mud UIW'88 M.A. Trinity'76, B.A. St.Mary's'74 B.A. Holy Cross '62