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No Sleep: The Watcher


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A man learns to never clown around.

Cast and Crew

Director: Isaac Rodriguez
Producer Cynthia Bergen


The Watcher The Watcher2 The Watcher3
The Watcher4 The Watcher5

Film Festivals/Mentions

=====Film Festivals===== ======Selected======
*Bad Wolf Productions Indie Short Film Fest
*CAL-TEX Worldwide Horror Fest
*Fright Night Film Fest
*Grand IndieWise Convention
*Hardcore Horror Fest
*Horror Online Art Navarra
*Northeast Wisconsin Horror Film Festival
*Northern Frights Festival
*Ottawa Spookshow and Fantastic Film Festival
*South Texas Underground Film Festival
*Things Fear Film Fest
*World Horror Con Film Festival
*Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival ======Award Winner======
*Headline International Film Festival —Canada-
*Sweet As Film Festival ======Finaslist======
*Grand IndieWise Convention

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