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While investigating a mysterious murder. Detective David Freeman uncovers a long-buried secret that traps him into a world of terror.

Cast and Crew

Director: Isaac Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Cynthia Bergen

Also starring:
Theo Gutierrez, Gloria Bueno, Juan Ginez, D'Artagnan Beard, Ryan Gernsbacher

Written By:
Issac Rodriguez, D'Artagnan Beard

Editor: Isaac Rodriguez

Makeup Artist: Anthony Fountain

Music: Eduardo Guerra

Production Assistants: Aaron Martwick, Jolene Blakely, Anthony Fountain


Shot1 Shot2 Shot3
Shot4 Shot5 Shot6

Screening Pictures

Delirium Screening1 Delirium Screening2 Delirium Screening3 Delirium Screening4 Delirium Screening5

Film Festivals/Mentions

*Baton Rouge Horror Film Festival
*Boomtown Film and Music Festival
*DAZED HORROR Film Festival
*Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase
*Fright Night Film Fest
*Grand IndieWise Convention
*Indie Film Festival
*Nacogdoches Film Festival
*Northern Frights Festival
*Scream in the Dark Film Festival & Hall of Fame
*WNY Film, Art, and Music Event (Fame) ======Finalist======
*IndustryBOOST Competition
*Grand IndieWise Convention ======Award Winner======
*Headline International Film Festival —Canada—

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