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Reuel Live & New Album Soon!
Hello Fans,
I just want to say thanks for all your wonderful support during my latest show on May 16th! We video recorded the entire show and I have included two videos in this email for you to watch as a surprise thankyou!
I've been hard at work in the studio and will be recording on a grand piano this coming Friday! The new collection will feature all original music from the latest show and my studio engineers will be completing "Returning Light" this coming month with a secret album release party scheduled for the last week of July!
Please share and like the new videos from the recent show and I will send new videos from the recording studio early in June!
Have a wonderful evening and thanks again for your continued support.

Come Join Reuel In Austin for 'An Evening with Reuel' on Saturday January 12, 2012
Stein1 Stein2
Reuel Live at Steinway

Producer Cynthia Bergen meeting up with Reuel Meditz to discuss the music for "Sketch: Collections of a Madman"

Nocturnal Sol's Music Video performed to Reuel's "Night of the Witch"


ReuelRegal Productions


Reuel has spent a great deal of his life composing, producing, and
performing music. His musical versatility stems from the study of classical piano,
composition, and audio production. Below is a list of the recent projects of which he has
been involved:



-Solo Performer – GRAMMY Foundation & Hilton Harmony Tour 2006
-1st Place Winner – Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition (Carnegie Hall)
-1st Place Winner – DeBose International Piano Competition 2006
-1st Place Winner – United States Open Music Competition 2006
-1st Place Duo and Duet Winner – United States Open Music Competition 2007
-1st Place National – American College of Musicians 2005-2007
-1st Place Solo Award – United States Open Music Competition 2007
-1st Place Winner – Kilgore College Bach Piano Festival 2006
-Keyboardist & Composer – Intersteller Transmissions (Rock Band) 2007-2009


-Ije The Journey (Xandria Productions Nollywood 2010) – Lead Composer
-Legend of Hells Gate (Flatiron Pictures, 2010) – Assitant Composer
-Lonesome Town (Parker Creek Productions, 2008) – Lead Composer
-Crosshairs (Ferro Studios, 2007) – Lead Composer
-Playtime (Independent short film, 2009) – Composing
-My South My Soul Documentory (Stephen Friend Productions, 2007) – Composer


-BackScratch Music – Trailer Cues 2009-2011
-Westlake Highschool Football -Commercially licensed TV Anthem
-We All Disappear (Theater Musical, 2010) – Composer, Pianist, Arranger
-Recorded several solo piano albums over the past ten years
-Producer with JScott G, formally the co-creator of the hit electronic band DeepSky
-Session piano and composition work with harpist Merry Miller
-Producer for various HipHop artists in Austin and Houston

More Information

Rѐuel’s performances at many exclusive hotels around the country such as The Stanley and The Broadmoor have been enthusiastically received by groups of ardent fans. Described as part musical nonconformist, part genius, he is considered by many to be a complete virtuoso. The young, talented, classically trained concert pianist and composer has been surprising people with his artful capacity since he was eleven years old. Réuel’s classical instruction was under the direction of such notables as the highly regarded Dr. Julia Kruger and also Professor Victor Bunin at The Tchaikovsky Conservatory. After being accepted to Berklee College of Music, Reuel was offered the unusual opportunity to score a foreign feature film. That film, which was screened at The Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, has gone on to win numerous awards from film festivals around the world.

Rѐuel’s incredible ability to mix classical styling and improvisation has helped him to win numerous national and international piano competitions. He has performed his classical works world wide. Coining the phrase “Mod-Class” to describe his music, his talent has afforded him the distinct honor of performing on three different occasions at the most prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. His ability to combine his uniquely classical styling with his love of popular music has helped to coax a new and younger audience to appreciate sophisticated compositions. That accomplishment has earned him the praise of many of his contemporaries. His natural talent, flair for the spectacular and imposing stature has created a demand for his musical presentations. Recently he was featured entertainer at The Congressional Candidate Forum and was then invited to perform at The Ronald Reagan Gala where he premiered his custom designed and newly built Réuel Regal Piano.

Living in Austin, Texas, Rѐuel has been actively involved in the classical music scene. He is frequently asked to play for private functions and charity events. Some of his favorite appearances include his concert in Tolentino, Italy and his special evening at The House of Dereon Media Center in Houston, Texas. The intimate concert hall, which is owned by Beyonce Knowles and family, has featured many well known performers to a limited number of invited guests. A member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Réuel was one of the few pianists who took part in The 2006 GRAMMY Hilton Harmony Tour. During one of his visits to Los Angeles he was invited to perform at The Recording Academy home office for a select group of GRAMMY Award staff members. Réuel has released four albums of original compositions. The release of his newest collection will coincide with his latest tour. His statewide musical guest performances are appearances a precursor to the tour. He is constantly trying new material in order to build on his future concert presentations.

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