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James Robert Murray is an awesome, award winning singer songwriter from the little town of Marion, near Austin, Texas. His soul grabbing, spirit lifting, all original songs carry a heartfelt and often driving lyrical message. In his songs, Jim has drawn upon his feelings about life and the things that shape who we all are and how we all feel. Jim has been called a maverick and a genius for his music's composition and arrangement. It is never fringe or surreal, just solid and surprisingly addicting. Jim Murray has written more than 40 amazing songs, having recorded two albums,"Low Life", and "Short Of The Blues". He has some wonderful songs that he plays live, that still need recorded. Jim has never been happy with the way his songs were recorded and he is looking for a way to re-recorded them. If you are that angel, or willing to help out, cotact Jim at the email address below.

The combination of Jim Murray's stunning lyical ability and his arrangements are world class. Self taught on guitar and from an early age, Jim has always exhibited all the traits of a natural performer. His quiet demeanor is left behind when he steps on stage. Never satisfied with another man's creativity, Jim found his song writing to be a powerful channel for his thoughts and feelings. Jim has always been an audience of people and human nature. His songs have always underscored those things we deal with in our daily lives. In his shows, Jim reaches out with his wonderful songs, touching every audience member, and capturing their heart. Radio stations in Europe and the US are giving airplay to Jim's debut album, "Low Life" and his second album, "Short Of The Blues". This promo cd is 16 of 20 songs that Jim has recorded. We must not forget about the other four. They are available for download at Society.

Today, Jim leads a very busy life, caring for his family and giving of himself at all times. His songs speak to us, focusing on the feelings we all have. Never offending, his lyrics never fail to lend comfort. Some of his newer, unrecorded songs reflect Jim's devotion to his faith. Jim is looking to re-record his songs and record his newer ones. With all Jim has on his plate, he still finds time to bring his uplifting music to audiences in the Austin hill country and surrounding areas. With a special place for kids in his heart, Jim Murray has donated his time to CASA for the past few years. You can check Jim out on the websites below, and look him up on Youtube, under The AntHill Society, and write to Jim at

Director Noi Mahoney, James Murray, Rebecca Steele filming Chase of Force

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