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As I walk up to you, I can feel my heart beating faster, knowing that you fulfill my needs each and every time.
You give me the rush I desire.
I love that I can turn you on with a single touch.
I softly slide my fingers on you as I wrap my legs around you.
I get a nice firm grip as we start off, nice and slow, feeling each and every part of you running through my body.
What a wonderful feeling.
It makes me want more of you.
I love that I'm on top and in control.
As I move faster and faster, I have to get a stronger grip.
I place my body closer to you...
Oh my God, the feeling is so amazing.
I'm almost there, just a little more.
I don't want to slow down.
I know we can go faster and longer, but the feeling is so intense I have to slow down.
As I slow down, I feel my heart beating like never before.
I take a deep breath...
I say with everything I have in me...
I love my ZX10 baby!
We hit 180 mph!

I am 34 year old woman from San Antonio, Texas. I am a single parent with a 13 year old son. I love to live life to the fullest.

I got started riding motorcycles because of my dad. He wanted to make sure I knew how to drive everything. Every day, when he took me to elementary school, he explained to me, step by step, what to do. When I turned 15, I rode his bike.

I try to be the same way with my son as my father was with me. My son has been riding with me since he was in the second grade.

When I got divorced, I decided to get a 2005 ZX10. I think I waited too long, but better late than never. My son can't reach the floor yet. As soon as he can, though, he's going to learn.

What do I get out of it? Is it the rush? The control? The attention (which we all like)? That's not why I got the bike though. Just being on it takes all my worries, pain, and sadness away. Just riding by myself, being in total control.

When riding and doing stunts, many things can go wrong. You have to deal with the bike and others around you. I haven't tried tricks on this bike yet. On my ZX636, I could sketch, crucifix, ride on the gas tank, and superman. The thing I love to do is haul ass. The fastest I have been on my ZX10 is 180 mph. Oh my God, that felt great! The best feeling in the world!

I get a lot of positive reactions. Many females seem to love it. They ask me to show them or they want to ride with me. Males love it, but they also want to challenge me. Little do they know that I go to the limit. I'm not saying I'm a bad ass and beat everyone, but I can keep up.

I know the dangers that come with it, but it's a passion of mine. I don't think I'll be giving it up any time soon. Some people see that I choose riding over them. They don't like that. It makes me choose, that's why I'm still single.

So, I am not like those girls that got a bike for the attention. Don't let the boobs fool you. I can fucking ride. If you can't handle your bike, you shouldn't fucking be on one.

By Cynthia Bergen
Edited by Kristie Graf
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