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Jammie Beene, Fitness Instructor, Golds Gym

About 14 years ago I began my new life! A nail technician by profession. A few months after the birth of my daughter, I attended my 10 year high school reunion. A couple of weeks later I was reminiscing and looking at the pictures taken at the reunion and reality set in, I was not as healthy as I thought I was.

So right away my best friend and I decided to start working out at a local gym every morning at 5am. Still not totally focused, we visited a local donut shop to celebrate our workout each morining. I decided to add additional workouts, meaning sometimes twice a day, and adding a weight loss program, Weight Watchers; additionally I decided celebrating donuts was likely not helping.

The gym, my daily "fix" closed and I had to find another location. After joining a couple of different fitness centers, I found the one that was right for me. While participating in different classes I then discovered body pump, a weight class that helped me achieve my goal of "lifetime member", and losing 114 pounds!

After meeting my fitness goals, decided to become an instructor and teach one of the classes I love. Needing to change up my exercise routine, I added my new love, cycling classes to my daily regimen. I'm a "cetified" instructor in "pump" one of the various classes I teach.

I'm not the smallest instructor at the gym, I believe some of them need a sandwich from time to time LOL but it is about MY overall health and everybody is different.

In 2005 a friend of mine asked me to join her in a bike ride "Bike to the Beach" to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Thinking that she must be completely out of her mind to ride a bike from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, and while I'm laughing at the whole idea, I decided "why not" and I quickly signed up. I knew it was for a good cause, but didn't truly understand those affected with this disease and what the bike ride meant to them until I saw their faces and the overwhelming support along with the volunteers that make this event possible. It wasn't just about a bike ride and my physical health, it was about them. I just completed my 7th MS ride.

In 2006 I completed my first "Tour de Cure" ride for diabetes and recently completed my 6th ride for this same charity. Along the way I have added additional rides for other cause. I have probably easily ridden over 1000 miles in the last 7 years!

Since meeting my weight goal, and realizing "lifetime" doesn't mean pounds stay off forever, it continues to be a day to day commitment and work in progress. The incredible people at the gym inspire me each day and keep me on my toes and contribute to my success.

Desire Rush
By Cynthia Bergen
Edited by Jolene Gilshenan
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Cynthia Bergen, Olga Jacobs, Jammie Beene in Golds Gym Spin Class

Jammie, Joe in Golds Gym Spin Class