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Gloria Vanessa Bueno (Born December 15, 1990) is an American Latina Actress and Performer from San Antonio, Texas. She is known for her riskae, eccentric persona in her local film scene and pushes the boundaries or limits within her community to understand the Art of Acting.

Born in Arizona onto living in Hawaii for several years due to military life-style, Gloria finally settled in deep South Texas in a small town named Alice with Parents Mario Bueno, Elizabeth Bueno and her younger siblings Veronica and Odin.

Since elementary school in Hawaii she performed at any given chance from small school plays to end of the year singing performances. Even family visits in China Town, Hawaii would she perform her favorite songs in front of shops while her family was shopping as people would stop and flash their cameras. From then on to her middle school years in Texas she took choir. It was not until 2004-2005 she joined the Theatre club in High School.

In 2004-2005 Gloria tried out for her first high school play "A Piece Of My Heart." and earned the role of LeAnn and received smaller parts such as Duffy from Annie, CoCo (Zombie Prom) , Addie Mae (The Cover Of Life) Village character/ Monster ( Puss In Boots) etc. It was not until 2006- 2007 she landed her first main role as the Renaissance Pinocchio and performed in Nebraska for UIL. Also winning a couple awards for advancements from UIL competitions. In 2009 Gloria graduated High School only to move in San Antonio Texas and continue her Theatre Education. Pursing to be a Theatre teacher, she was not reeally involved with plays and performances unless class required. She wanted to do more than just teach others the history of Theatre. She simply just wanted to act.

In 2011 Gloria broke from Theatre to focus on other elements and levels of acting. This would lead her to film. She was introduced to an audition opportunity for a student film at Our Lady Of The Lake University. She landed the role of Tania for Lucero Salinas film Black Book Curse which won Best Horror Category in S.A Fifth Annual Film Fest. Gloria continued to work on student films to improve her skills. Gloria since then has continued to be apart of student films normally working with local Film Maker Stephen Allen Gutierrez. She also supports the San Antnio Film Festival and although has done several local films one has yet been accepted for screening other than Site 13 by local Film maker Isaac Rodriguez. She has also starred in Gustavo Stebners film for CineFestival Wappo VS The World and was an extra for San Antonio's big film project Sanitarium.

2012 Gloria finally landed a major role (Jade) in a local full length film Sketch: Collections Of A Madman which was Created by Actor and Director Emanuel Bermudez alongside with Producer Cynthia Bergen, Emanuel's brother Will and original music by Reuel Meditz. Sketch screened on December 18, 2012 at the Palladium I-Max Theater in San Antonio, selling over 100 tickets for the premier night. The full length film has also been sent to various film festivals, being accepted into Fright Fest and still waiting on those pending.

After the success of Sketch, Gloria in 2013 was presented with another opportunity by Sketch producer Cynthia Bergen and her upcoming film Strange Places. The film Strange Places deals with the 90's music rock/grundge scene here in local city San Antonio. The film is based on true events and the real lives of couple Jose and Vickey. Music, Art and Drug Addiction are factors for this film. Events such as Jose's band opening for Nirvana in San Antonio will be weaved into the story. Music from local musicians Erica Swan and Adam Alexander Ramirez will be used in the film. Adam will be staring as Gloria's lover. The shooting date is said to be in October of 2013. Press release was launched in August 2013. Strange Places will be directed by Xavier Ramirez and produced by Cynthia Bergen and Anthony Fountain.

Although graduating with an Associates in Theatre Gloria will continue to attend school. Gloria will also continue to explore the other elements of Acting such as continuing to perform Pantomime skits at events, Modeling for nude art shows, body paint shows such as Body Paint Art Organization Beyond The Canvas created by Tomas Vasquez, Book model for Poet Sean Rima for his other worldly poetry such as Snake Farm Blues and REVELATOR.

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