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Artist: Suzan Germond

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My one-woman exhibition in 2010 was titled "It Is A Mosaic World," and represented the many facets of mosaic art that I create. It included a mosaic bedroom suite, a chandelier, mosaic tables, sculptures (including a mosaicked globe), wall pieces and jewelry.

I am passionate about this art form because it can be use in so many compelling ways. I can make mosaics that are architectural, functional, decorative and fine art. These broad choices give me a creative freedom and spontaneity of choice when I go to my studio every morning and ask myself, "What shall I make today?"

It is important to continue to refine my techniques so that all mosaics I create are the highest quality. For this reason I study with world masters at every opportunity. I have been to Venice, Mexico and throughout the U.S. to take workshops to further my skills.

I started making mosaics in 1999, following my P.hD. in Art History from Stanford. There were no academic opportunities in Austin at that time so I appraised Old Masters and took art classes. The mosaic class changed my life.

Since that time I have appeared on HGTV, am represented by three galleries and participate in juried art festivals where I won Best of Show in 2009. I have completed several large outdoor architectural mosaics, I teach nationally and have been included in several mosaic books. The latest: Mosaic Art Today features 50 mosaic artists selected from around the world. I have also written a how-to book entitled Found Art Mosaics.

My mosaics are colorful, whimsical and highly detailed. My speciality is floral bouquets. I am inspired to create texture and pattern with a variety of materials such as glass, tile, beads, jewels and found objects. When possible I layer these materials so that the viewer is compelled to look at the art piece repeatedly to see all the various components.The magic of mosaics is that the whole can be appreciated along with the individual pieces.

I often use unexpected found objects to translate something that may be old and discarded into art work. This re-contexting adds another dimension to my mosaics which gives me, and I hope, the viewer an added pleasure and memory to see objects imaginatively transformed.

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