Vintage Club Stories:
Underground Movement:
Artist: Josie V. Eclecticism and Robert Kemmerer

I am a self taught artist born & raised in San Antonio, TX. I work mainly in acrylic on canvas. I vary from a balanced chaos style that translates in my abstract pieces as well as my more realism work. My mission is to engage the viewer's emotional core with a comfort of movement & color gestures that leave the viewer feeling a sense of balance. Much like in nature, from afar a flower, a tree, or even an insect appears simple. When one studies nature, they realize the complexity in the lines, values, & color that create an equilibrium.

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Robert Kemmerer is a San Antonio artist that studied in International Academy of Design & Technology here in San Antonio & studied for some time in Colorado. He is now self taught & works mainly in acrylic on canvas. Also inspired by nature, he gives personable and child like qualities to animals by creating ambiguous stories in which the animals, specifically squirrels & foxes, are interacting in a revengeful or playful manner with humans.

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