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Artist: Daniela Riojas

Daniela Riojas, Photographer, ZaaZaa Productions

Daniela was recently featured in the SA Current
Daniela Riojas, The Arts United, and exploring our scars
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Storm Within the Veins Poem by Daniela Riojas
(featured in " Storm Within the Veins " Short Film)

What more is hate than a storm within the veins?
A silent, unseen tempest rolling in and on itself
thrashing black waters with churning heat in its depths
odious torrents that crash and consume

Unseen yet inextricable, the swallowing beast of hate thrives
uniquely and terribly the veins are prepped for violence
that slow deconstruction of dams and levies
morals dissolve

What concrete could dam a path of water driven by hate?
What construction of man could topple the roaring will for blood?
Bodiless enemy, that evades and deceives, that hides behind
the walls of skin and flesh, where there it tumbles and ravages the mind

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Daniela filming with Director Emanuel Bermudez. The making of documentary "Siempre El Poeta Mud"